How Business Interact with Social Media Platforms

October 19, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: Internet. did a study on how the top 500 companies, the so-called Inc 500 interact with social media and which platforms are most popular among them. Quite an interesting study that you can learn quite a bit from and some surprising results considering how popular most platforms are among normal people.

Did you expect Youtube to rank high?

Well, think again, because Youtube is the least popular by the largest companies in the world, so if you thought about marketing your business on Youtube and considered buying some engagement there. After reviewing several of such services at TrustAdvisor you might want to think again as very few businesses make use of them, and probably for good reason.

LinkedIn is beating it, what else really!

This isn’t completely unexpected of course, everyone that’s into large business wants to connect with other businesses and LinkedIn is the place to do that of course. It’s literally the Facebook of the business world and I feel a little silly that I don’t do much more at this underutilized place. It’s funny how few small companies actually use them while it’s a true goldmine. Although the popularity of using LinkedIn has dropped a tiny two %, Facebook actually gained 2% so there might be a shift going on.

So how does Facebook perform?

Facebook is doing exceptionally well among the top rated companies in the world, I expected it to be less actually, especially in 2018 after the data/privacy breach and what not but they are still topping the charts, except for LinkedIn that is of course but they at a solid second place and this might change because I said already that Facebook is still growing while LinkedIn is on the decline, even when it’s by very small margins.

Maintaining their own website or blog!

This one is really odd, in 2015 only 37% of the top 500 regularly maintained their own blog, extremely low compared to the 93% activity on LinkedIn, in 2016 it got a little better at 42% but this is still much lower than all the other platforms, they even did less than on Instagram which is the least used social platform plus the fact that Instagram wasn’t even all that popular two years ago. Last year they did seem to notice the importance of using their own channels as it increased to 55% but it’s still far from where it should be.

I hope this post gave you some insight on where you have to focus your marketing efforts.

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