Features of a Good Key Finder

November 10, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: Misc.

Let me guess. You lost your keys again. You were an hour late to work, hair still sticking up from crawling under the table, searching the house top to bottom to find them. Finally you found them, behind the hall table where your teenage chucked them after “returning” the car after his date last night. With multiple people using the same keys, and some of us not careful to put them back in their rightful home, how can you make sure you never lose them again? The answer is a simple, yet effective key finder. The qualities of a good key finder are many and can include range, size, volume, and app compatibility. Several key finders below offer unique features that go beyond the basics.

The Tile Mate is the number 1 best-selling Bluetooth tracker and among one of the first companies to employ this unique and time-saving technology. The Tile Mate is now 25% smaller than the original Tile, and a single charge can last up to a year. It also has a GPS feature that can track the history of the Tile Mate, answering the age old question of “where were you when you lost it?”

The Esky Wireless RF Transmitter adds a splash of color to your keys in four different color options and has a range of 30m that can even go through walls and doors. The Transmitter keeps things simple by operating on radio frequency instead of Bluetooth and includes an LED light so looking under your furniture is a little easier.

With a range of 60m and an iphone app, Chipolo is a simple plastic key finder with an alarm built in. When activated by your phone, the Chipolo will make a 90dB sound, guiding you to the location of your keys. What makes Chipolo even better is that it is a key finder that can also become a phone finder. By shaking the keys, your phone will ring, making losing things a whole lot harder.

Trackr bravo can function as a regular bluetooth key finder, but it also takes things to the streets. If you lose your keys in a crowd, you can alert those around you with Trackr to help you find what you’ve lost!

CUBE Key finder is also a great choice for those that lose things, but those that also need a really great selfie. The tile you attach to your keys can function as a shutter button for the phone camera, capturing every photo worthy moment at arm’s length.

Each key finder listed has some great, unique features. When choosing a key finder, make a list of the features that most appeal to you. Do you want an iphone app or an android app? What range are you interested in? Do you need an external shutter button for your camera? Do you want a built in LED light? Perhaps you’d like more information; click here for more information on key finders and find the best one for your needs.

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