How To Safely Drive A Minibus

November 21, 2016 | By admin | Filed in: Misc.

Switching from a regular sedan to a minibus can be quite difficult, especially if you are not used to driving and handling large vehicles. It may require some experience and extra concentration behind the wheels, so make sure you read these tips to ensure your minibus is always conducted and handled perfectly.

Don’t use the microphone

Many of the modern age minibuses are equipped with microphones so that the backseat passengers can easily hear what the driver has to communicate. This is usually handy when you are picking up clients and want to give them a tour of the city while still being the driver. Unfortunately, most drivers cannot focus on more than one thing when driving, so don’t use the microphone unless it is an emergency. This way you will keep your eyes focused on the road solely. If you are giving a car tour of the city, make sure you have a right seat passenger who knows the city as well and who can share with your customers on the back the most important buildings or touristic spots.

Don’t use a mobile phone

Needless to say mobile phones represent one of the biggest curses of our age. Apart from being literally chained to them so that we are always checking the screens, mobile phones have become some sort of hand extension for some drivers as well. Although cell phones are not banned for drivers in the UK, use them if it necessarily only. Use a hands free device or a Bluetooth earplug to have safe phone conversations while driving but under any circumstances do not use your phone for texting or chatting on Internet applications while driving. Bear in mind that minibuses are harder to handle and may require a larger amount of time to break or to turn around. The best is to keep your eyes focused solely on the road because safeness is always more important.

Don’t talk with other passengers either

Although having a conversation partner in long trips may seem like a good way to keep the time going faster, it is not advisable for drivers who handle a minibus to engage into long conversations with passengers. Again, this may be disrupting and will distract your focus on the road. Not to mention that only one slight moment of distraction could turn into a tragedy. Bottom line, if you are the driver, focus on what you are supposed to do and let the passengers talk between themselves. Only intervene when it is necessary.

Use the brakes firmly

As previously mentioned, minibuses are somewhat harder to drive so you must push on all commands firmly. The same happens with brakes so don’t forget to always have a firm push. If, however, you had a minor accident or are looking for more information regarding minibuses, feel free to ask those from MinibusesCo.

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