Looking for a Trustworthy Product Review Site

November 22, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: Misc.

Are you tired of being deceived by fake product reviews? Well, you are not alone in that situation, as many businesses hire others to write false testimonies for them. Protect yourself by checking out these sites to find a trustworthy review.

Check Multiple Online Review Sites

You may wonder why you should check these sites when there are many false reviews. Well, the key word here is “multiple,” which means you will be comparing various reviews among different websites. After gathering sufficient data, you form an estimate the true value of a product. Of course, this task is somewhat tedious, but at least you can avoid purchasing regrettably. A few reliable sites you can begin with are here:


Yelp is everyone’s go-to if they wish to check out reliable information about almost anything related to consumers. Now, you would want to look for online businesses and sellers who have the quality products you intend to purchase. In case you are unfamiliar with the site, there are about 9 million reviewers that are valid consumers. In fact, these people are too honest that Yelp used to receive complaints from businesses in the past, for hurting their reputation. If you want brutal honesty, there is no other site as reliable as Yelp.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports have multiple people rating products, and reviews tend to be less extreme. Furthermore, they have buying guides that break down various aspects of a product, so you may want to read those. Overall, they seem objectively legit when t comes to judging consumer products.

Epic Reviews

Although less popular, Epic Reviews does have quite the objective product reviews. They are quite honest in revealing flaws if a product is not as good as it seems. Anyway, available review articles are limited, so you may wish to check out other sites.

Other Sites

There are other sites, such as cnet.com, 1review.net, and so on. To be honest, it is best if you use your critical thinking to determine whether a review is legit. Also, it helps if you read multiple reviews from various sources, to avoid falling for either biased or fake reviews. Lastly, drop by at http://www.selectedbest.info/ as they have honest testimonies.


It takes a lot of research to find trustworthy product reviews. Even if you have found a reliable site, it is also helpful if you use your judgment for making decisions. After all, you would want to avoid purchases that you will regret.

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