How to Maintain the Meat Grinder for Best Results

May 30, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: Gifts.

If you still have not graced your kitchen with a meat grinder, then you need to do so in the shortest time possible. Why do so? Because you are missing out on so much in terms of the benefits that the grinder brings to the home.

Meat grinders are one of the tools that make it easy to prepare many dishes. Grinding your meat makes it easy to know what you are putting on the menu. Did you know that since commercial ground meat comes when it is all ground up, you are not sure of what kind of meat you are buying? With a meat grinder, you are 100 percent sure of what you are putting into the dish.

With the meat grinder from Prepping Meat within reach, you can also experiment with so many mixtures so that you satisfy the needs of the family. Who knows, you can even come up with a new recipe!

The meat grinder is a cheap and effective way to grind the meat from home. However, you can find it hard to operate the meat grinder, and it takes some time to get all the features working best for you. Besides, just like any other appliance in the home, regular use leads to wear and tear, which can reduce the efficiency of the tool.

Let us look at the different ways to maintain the appliance for maximum performance.

Chilling makes it Easy

It is advisable to keep the meat that you grind cold to speed up the process. Grinding warm meat causes leaks, while the fat on the meat becomes too soft to be ground. This affects the texture of the meat. The best way to deal with warm meat is to chill the grinder instead.

Additionally, make sure you feed small chunks of meat into the grinder. If you find that your grinder tends to smear, then you are feeding large pieces into the grinder.

Large pieces can also dull the grinder blades, so make sure you chop them into smaller pieces first.

Finally: Keep the Blades Sharp

It is important that you keep the blades sharp like when you first bought them. The blades need extra special care because they are the ones that make the grinder work. A good way to keep the blades in great working order is to use them regularly. The blade and plates tighten when you use them; make sure you keep them active.

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