Does The Restaurant Salad Taste Better? Here are Reasons Why

February 13, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: Misc.

Have you ever tasted a salad in a restaurant and wished you’d recreate it at home? Restaurant salads are exquisitely prepared and unfortunately it’s never easy to make the same type of salads at home.

Here are some reasons why restaurant salads are yummy and what you can do to make up the difference at home.

A restaurant is not afraid of variety and complexity

Restaurant salads have a lot going on. You’ll find a mixture of vegetables, nuts, protein, fats, dressing and fruits in some cases. Sometimes it feels like the salads were prepared by a machine and not a cook’s own hands. It looks laborious and who has the time to get into all that trouble?

While restaurants have the machines to chop nuts, make huge batches of grains and arrange an array of greens, you can still make these adjustments by using a simple machine like a salad spinner.  You can read more about them on Spinning Salad. Set some time and marinate your chicken or beef, use some dressing and chop the ingredients in advance. You’ll be able to replicate the restaurant salads in no time.

Restaurants use different fats to dress your salads

Restaurants know the secret to that perfect salad and it is the fat. They may add in olive oil or bacon grease just to give your salad that edginess.  Some of these fats used are not available at home. However, you can substitute them with a dash of olive oil. An avocado can also make a difference in your rather boring salads.

Salads made in restaurants have salt

A great salad has salt in it and most restaurants prepare salads with more salt than you might expect. Others will use both pepper and salt on the greens. If you’ve never tried adding salt to your salads, try dashing a pinch of sea salt and you’ll notice the difference.

Restaurant salads are tossed in a huge bowl

Salads made in the restaurants are tossed in a huge bowl and mixed with the dressing using a pair of tongs. This ensures that every ingredient is coated with the dressing. This gives your salad a twist.

Duplicating restaurant salads does not have to be complicated. By following the above tips, you’ll notice a difference in how your home salads taste. Get the right dressing, ingredients and do not forget to marinate your meat an hour or two before grilling.

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