Things you Must Consider Before Buying Flagstones

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Flagstones are large slabs of natural stone widely used for landscaping, mostly in driveways, patios, and pathways. They are an ideal option for outdoor flooring because their rough texture provides good traction, especially during rainy seasons. These flat slabs can also be stacked to build a natural looking wall. Flagstones come in a wide range of colors and irregular shapes which make them more appealing. Even so, purchasing flagstones can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know much about landscaping and outdoor flooring. Therefore, it is important to learn some basics about these natural stones and outdoor flooring in order to make the right decision. Click Here or continue reading for helpful tips on what you need to consider before buying flagstones.


It is important to take into account how and who will be using the surface before you buy. For instance, if someone in your home is on a wheelchair or walkers, a smooth surface would make it easier and convenient for them to move about. On the other hand, if you are using it on the patio, ensure that the furniture that sits on top is steady and even.

Jointing materials

Before you choose your flagstones, consider the type of jointing you want. The type of jointing material you need depends on the types of blocks you choose, their thickness, and the surface you are to place them. Some of the jointing materials that can be used include. Sand, cement, polymeric sand or even pea gravel. Cement works best if your base is concrete, whereas sand works best for a gravel base.


There is a wide variety of flagstones to choose from in the market. However, the type you find is dependent on your location and the quarries where they were drilled. Some of the common options include sandstone, slate, and limestone. Therefore, take time to consider your options and find one that suits you the best.


Flagstones are available in varying thickness with some measuring up to three inches. Choose the thickness that best suits your needs depending on your flagstone base. A thin flagstone with 1 to 1.5 inches of thickness is ideal for a concrete platform since it’s less likely to get affected by extreme weather. On the other hand, you need to buy a thick flagstone of about two to three inches if you are placing it on a gravel base. The thickness translates into a heavier slab, making it more resistant to heave during winter, thus minimizing the risk of cracking.

Your needs

Flagstones are measured and sold according to their weight because of their irregular shapes.  Therefore, it can be hard to know exactly how much you need to have your job done. However, according to the industry standard, you need about one tone of flagstone to cover a hundred square feet with a one-inch spacing gap. Therefore, you can estimate how much you need depending on the area you intend to floor.


As with all other home purchases, quality should be a priority when buying flagstones. You need to inspect the stock and look out for any signs of bad quality. Some of the red flags include missing corners, sharp edges, flakes and loose ridges on the surface, weird shapes, paint, and other stains. Try to find out where the flagstones came from, that way, you can avoid buying flagstones that were previously used in factories and have absorbed oil and other forms of dirt which may ruin their look.

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