Understanding Different Types of Lawn Mowers

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Keeping your lawn in pristine condition is one of your goals as a homeowner. Using a landscaping service can become too expensive for you, which is why you need to have your own lawn mower for the task. With so many models on the market, it is imperative that you choose the right mower that suits your needs.

Here are a few types that you can pass by Lawn Mower Lane to review.


This is the ultimate type of lawn mower that was invented. It uses blades which spin on a reel, or a rotating cylinder. The mower uses a bar that pushes the grass into an upright position for the blades to cut. This is ideal for cutting short grass.


This uses a horizontal blade which moves at the same speed as the engine speed. The mower uses a vacuum that pulls the grass up for easer cutting; these are ideal to use when you have tall grass to handle.

Push Reel

These are excellent for small lawns and for those homemakers that dont mind performing some work. They also require little maintenance and are safe to use.


If you are looking for a mower that notices the boundaries automatically, then you can use this mower. However, you need to set up a wire boundary to act as a barrier for the mower. They use sensors to cut, so you don’t have to run after them. They also dock without any assistance.

Electric Mowers

These are among the latest on the market and come corded so that you can recharge them. The major limitation to these kinds of mowers is the length of the cord. The longer the cord, the better you can handle the task at hand. These mowers are ideal for a smaller area.

You can also get cordless electric mowers that don’t need a cord. All you need is to charge it and then use it. The major downside is how long the battery can last.

Gas Powered

These use gasoline and are some of the most popular mowers on the market. They cost less and can trim your lawn in the shortest time possible.

The Lowdown

Take time to choose the best mower for your needs. When it comes to mowing your lawn, you need to have a mower that will handle the type of loan that you have. Check out these types to have an idea of what to choose for your lawn.

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