Woodworking Make Smarter

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Many woodworking professionals have taken the time to embrace technology. Most of them still believe in working harder as compared to working smarter. But the good thing is that with a few tips, you can start working smarter.

Make Sanding Easy

Sanding woodwork is a necessity when it comes to making your wood look smooth. However, with specialised tools and high-quality sandpaper, you get the results that make the wood look like it has been done using a power sander.

The use of the hand when sanding is quiet and doesn’t produce dust compared to the power sander. Additionally, you get to reach places that a power sander can’t reach at all.

For hand sanding, make sure you use a sanding block to get more efficient results. The use of the sanding block allows for more efficient and faster results. The sanding pressure is distributed evenly and maintains a flat surface compared to sandpaper.

To sand painted surfaces, go for clog-resistant sandpaper. This type of sandpaper allows the paint to build up slower than when you use standard sandpaper.

Cut the Wood to Size

You will be frustrated if you don’t cut the wood to size initially before you start sanding. What you need to do is to use the proper saw blade to cut the wood into the right pieces before you begin sanding. Remember that the sanding procedure removes only a small layer of wood from the surface, which might not be significant to affect the size. If you don’t cut the wood to size, you might be forced to sand it more to get to the perfect size. Cutting needs the right too, and a miter saw from https://www.straightkerfs.com/ can do the trick.

Know the Moisture Content of the Wood

When using wood to build anything, you need to know the moisture content of each piece for the right results.

If the wood is too dry, you end up with a product that might crack or swell. When the wood is too moist, the end product might warp or shrink. It is therefore ideal to know the correct moisture content of the piece of wood even before you start using it. Use a moisture meter for this task.

The Bottom-line

Woodworking is an art that you need to master before you can come up with top pieces for your clients or the home. Make sure you choose the right wood and use the right methods to prepare the wood as well as cut it to size.

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